The re-colonization of Oklahoma Beta not only provides the re-emergence of the Oklahoma Beta at Oklahoma State University, but a transition of the organizational structure and oversight functions of the Chapter across the board. 

The Chapter Advisory Board (CAB)

The Chapter Advisory Board replaces the “chapter adviser” concept where there as one man expected to advise in respect to all areas of chapter operations.  The CAB program is designed to provide a wider base of support for our chapter and undergraduates, to involve more alumni and others in that process, to provide a support base for those involved, and to allow that volunteer experience to be an enjoyable one.

The basic premise of the CAB is that it be an advisory board composed of more than one individual and with each member having stated areas of responsibilities.  The CAB should function as a board with periodic board meetings whereby the entire board can meet, discuss, brainstorm and enjoy each other’s company in the process.  

The Chairman of the CAB’s job can be compared to the chapter adviser role but with the existence and involvement of other CAB members who will provide support and decrease the workload that would otherwise exist with a sole chapter adviser position. 

Oklahoma Beta Building Corporation

The Building Corporation owns and manages the physical house at 224 S Monroe and any other real estate holdings for the Chapter.  It leases the chapter house to the actives and is responsible for maintaining/oversight for the structure, equipment, and furnishings.  

Another area of focus for Building Corp is Oklahoma Beta’s finances.  It’s the responsibility of Building Corp to manage all the Chapter’s bank loans, third-party contracts, and chapter expenditures including repairs and capital spending.  It has oversight to ensure accurate financial reporting.  

Phi Delta Theta Oklahoma Beta Foundation

The Phi Delta Theta Oklahoma Beta Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization chartered in the State of Oklahoma (contributions are tax-deductible as prescribed by law).  

The foundation’s function is the collection of contributions (cash, stock, real estate, etc) that can be used to grant scholarships, support the 224 S. Monroe remodel project, charitable donations and other programs that meet tax-deductible /educational criterion.