Alumni Club Meeting: November 12, 2016

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the next AC meeting held before/after Texas Tech game (waiting for kickoff time)

When: Saturday, Nov 12 (pre OSU vs. Texas Tech football contest)

Time: TBD (approx. four hours before kick off)

Place: Edmon Low Library Executive Conference room or similar space - stay tuned on specific details


Forward questions & comments to: Craig Clemons: or Steve Atwood:

Proposed Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Approve Aug meeting minutes
  • Officers Reports
  • Discuss adaptation of Texas Kappa Alumni Club Charter
  • Discuss adaptation of proposed Communication Policy
  • Have ‘Breakout Sessions’ with respect to Committee 'next steps', projects, initiatives
  • Discuss tactics, feasibility of 'paying dues' (concept whereby Alumni pay modest amount annually to Club (e.g. $25 - $100)
  • Discuss national Best Practices of PDT Alumni Clubs / discuss best practices of UTA Texas Kappa Club
  • Discuss how Alumni Club works, serves, supports Recruitment efforts (beginning summer of '17)
  • Speakers Bureau concept
  • Adjournment

AC Meeting November 2016



(5) Name
1. Scott Corken
2. Clay Raun
3. Charles Corken
4. Bud Ground
5. Kevin Segraves