Message from the President

Greetings from your first-ever OK Beta Alumni Club!  

In 70 years of being a top house on the Oklahoma State campus, our fraternity has not done a particularly good job on communicating and engaging respective alumni.  We aim to change that.  

Upon invited interested Phis to two formal meetings last summer, thirty different brothers (ranging in age from the mid-20s to the late 70s) attended and expressed their interest, enthusiasm and commitment to a) be a difference-making volunteer; b) offer their professional services or assets; c) help make a transformational change in OK Beta’s culture.

At these two meetings, we discussed short and long-term opportunities, concepts and imperatives and have begun development plans, campaigns serving our roughly 1600 alumni.  

While a dedicated website ( will eventually be a ‘home base’ for all forums, announcements and invitations, the following concepts are being discussed, explored as ways to serve OK Beta brothers in the bond:

  1.  Communications Platform  - We are determining how web, blogs, e-newsletter, social media work together to reach and engage brother s
  2. Reunions - We anticipate scheduling, executing successful reunions beginning in 2017. We are determining which venues, formats best serve our constituents
  3. Golf Tournaments – Brent Butcher is on point to determine the future of the Ron Boyle Memorial Golf Tourney. We are exploring ways the Club can improve on the exceptional job started by Brother Derrick Corey...and raise more monies earmarked for the Dr. Robert Allen Endowed Scholarship Program  
  4. Alumni Relations – We are exploring tools which can better contact, inspire and engage constituents
  5. Pre-Game Tailgate – This Committee executed exceptional tailgates in the 2016 season with as many as 50 Phis in attendance (with a dedicated budget of $5,000 (thank you Building Corp!).  Stay tuned on 2017 and future Cowboy seasons and look forward to larger dedicated spaces, a large branded tent, generators and TVs and a mobile grill
  6. Special Events – Committee is exploring best practices surrounding special events.  Case in point, OK Beta Brother Ross McKnight and his wife Billie made a $25M gift to launch the MCKNIGHT CENTER Performing Arts Center.  We are exploring ways the Alumni Club can help to announce and invite Phis to this type of ‘Big Event"
  7. Funding – Membership to the Alumni Club will be $100 annually ($75/year for recent grads). These funds cover direct expenses to include tailgate functions, room deposits, licensing fees, communication tools
  8. Program Support – We are explore ways the Club can actively support and advocate for important activities including Founders Day, Homecoming, Recruitment, Membership (Pledgeship), Scholarship, Philanthropy, Community Relations, etc.
  9. Other ‘Big Ideas’ in consideration: Speakers Bureau, Mentorship Program, International OK Beta-Only group travel, Wine Tastings/Fellowship events per geographic area...and many others concepts to be explored.     

Lastly, Gabe Herald, Charles Corken, Mike Hyatt and I are working with Texas Kappa, University of Texas Arlington’s Phi Delta Theta Chapter, on better understanding their best practices in many of these spaces. This Club has been awarded the ‘Best Alumni Club in the U.S.’ by General Headquarters for multiple years. We plan to personally visit, take notes, collaborate...and learn as much as we can about their successful model, outreach tools, protocols, event management, projects and governance.    

Please reach out and congratulate your Alumni Club elected officers below.

Lastly, I am appealing to you for involvement.  While there is much work to do, there is also great joy, fellowship and fun working among Phi leaders with contagious energy and optimism.  If you would like to get involved in some capacity (pick your own area of interest), please follow our website and/or reach out to our Secretary, Clay Raun at


Proud, Craig A. Clemons#784

Alumni Club Officers

President: Craig Clemons #784

Vice President: Steve Atwood #775

Secretary: Clay Raun #1457

Treasurer:Trevor Morris #1406

Members-at-Large (Communications): Kevin Segraves #816 & Bryan Kim Turner #714

Members-at-Large (Reunions/Events): Davis Clemons #1515 & Aaron Clarke #1547

Member-at-Large (Alumni Recruitment): Tyler Souther #1489

Member-at-Large (Tailgating/Homecoming) Zachary Murphy #1517

Member-at-Large (Best Practices) Charles Corken #223

Member-at-Large (Golf Tournament) Brent Butcher #1410

Member-at-Large (Sergeant at Arms) - Daniel Hobble #1501